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Mow Dayton is now offering mulching & mulch bed maintenance to Dayton and surrounding areas!

Starting at $59.99 per yard installed*

Why pay more? Mulch and installation starting at $59.99! Includes delivery and installion. Weeding may be an additional charge. Request a quote today and have fresh mulch installed by the weekend!

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How much mulch?

To determine how much mulch you will need simply enter the length (feet), width (feet), and depth (inches) of mulch you need in the mulch calculator below. Average depth is usually 2-3 inches.

Enter Mulch Bed Length:

Enter Mulch Bed Width:

Enter Mulch Bed Depth:

Approximate Cubic Yards of Mulch Needed:

Inches to feet conversion

1 inch = 0.083ft
2 inches = 0.167ft
3 inches = 0.25ft
4 inches = 0.333ft
5 inches = 0.417ft
6 inches = 0.5ft
7 inches = 0.583ft
8 inches = 0.667ft
9 inches = 0.75ft
10 inches = 0.833ft
11 inches = 0.917ft

Service Areas

Mow Dayton offers mulching and mulch installation to Dayton and these surrounding areas - Bellbrook, Centerville, Kettering, Beavercreek, Miamisburg, Oakwood, Springboro, Belmont, Riverside, West Carrollton, Moraine, Xenia, Vandalia, Huber Heights, Englewood, Fairborn, Clayton, and Northridge

Types of Mulch

Black Gold Mulch Black Gold Mulch - Black, triple processed and screened with fine texture. Our most popular mulch. It's dark brown and black color compliment all types of landscapes.

Cypress MulchCypress Mulch - Reddish-orange in color, this mulch retains it's color longer than other mulches.

Red Wood Mulch Red Wood Mulch - Bright red in color, this dyed mulch is a nice alternative to the natural colored mulch.

Cedar Mulch Cedar Mulch - This reddish-brown mulch is beautifully colored and you can't miss that great cedar smell.

Dyed Black Mulch Dyed Black Mulch - This popular mulch is dyed black to keep it's color longer than regular mulches.

Dyed Brown Mulch Dyed Brown Mulch - Like above, this popular mulch is dyed brown to keep it's color longer than regular mulches.

Coarse Plain Mulch Plain Mulch - Lighter in color, this is meant for the person who does not want dark or colored mulch. Coarser than all other regular mulches.

Playground Mulch Playground Mulch - Just like the school yard had below the monkey bars. Twice shredded pin, perfect for playing areas, walkways, or even mulch beds.

Premium Wood Chips Premium Wood Chips - Just like the Playground Mulch above, but a darker alternative.

Why Mulch?

  • In colder weather, mulch acts as a protective insulation for plants.
  • During the growing season, a thick layer of mulch helps prevent germination of pesky weeds.
  • In hot, dry weather, mulch helps to retain moisture around the plant's root systems.
  • As mulch decomposes it enriches the soil with natural organic matter, feeding your plants

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